Laser Treatment For Hair Removal – Is It A Good Choice?

Laser Treatment For Hair Removal

Laser treatment for hair removal has become very popular since its introduction due to the better understanding of this medical procedure. In laser treatment, a beam of light is passed through the skin for removing the hair. This beam produces intense heat and when it strikes, the hair follicle gets destroyed due to the intensity of heat. This is considered as the best method for removing unwanted hair because of its effectiveness. There is a popular belief that laser treatment for hair removal is used for removing unwanted hair from the face only. However, this method can be used on any part of your body including the highly delicate skin of the peritoneum.

Why Is Laser Treatment For Hair Removal Done?

Laser treatment is used for removing unwanted hair in your body, including chins, upper lips, under-arms, legs, chest, public area, back, and bikini area. The US Food and Drug Administration approved the laser treatment as the permanent hair reduction, not the permanent hair removal method. In order to get the best results, you need to undergo multiple treatments. Though this is not a permanent hair removal solution, you can extend the period of hair growth for several months or even a couple of years if you use laser treatment for hair removal.

The Risks Of Laser Treatment For Hair Removal

The success of laser hair removal treatment mainly depends on the types of skin and the color of hair. If you have black or brown hair with lighter skin, the treatment will be most successful. Even if you have darker skin, this treatment can be used safely. However, it is not effective for people with white, light reddish, light brownish, and blonde hair colors.

Importance Of Hiring A Trained Therapist

Laser Treatment For Hair Removal

You can reduce the risk factors if you select a highly qualified and trained therapist for doing the laser treatment. The therapist must have deep knowledge in dermatology and similar specialty is also essential. The surgeon must examine the client before starting the laser treatment procedure. This is helpful for finding out the best treatment plan as per your skin type and hair color. If a licensed nurse or a surgeon's assistant is doing this procedure, the surgeon must supervise and must be available throughout the procedure of the surgery. It is not good to approach non-medical technicians for performing these procedures. After doing laser treatment, you are not allowed to go to clinics, salons, or spas.



You can also avoid complications due to laser treatment if you approach the right practitioner. Bleeding is very rare during this treatment, however, there is a possibility of infection. Some common lasers used for dermatologic surgery are:

  • Carbon dioxide laser,
  • Erbium,
  • Yellow light lasers,
  • Green light lasers,
  • Red light lasers, etc.

Laser Treatment For Hair Removal

Advantages Of Laser Treatment For Hair Removal

1. Reduce Hair Effectively: Though you cannot remove unwanted hair from your body permanently, laser treatment is highly effective for getting long lasting benefits. The hair will also become less noticeable so you need very less waxing or shaving. As per the findings of Mayo Clinic, Laser treatment is effective for reducing up to 80% hair count.

2. Takes Less Time: The treatment requires very less time and you can treat even the large areas at once. You need to treat each follicle individually if you use other hair removal treatments like electrolysis.

3. Shows Good Results: This treatment is highly effective and you can see the results immediately. It is also applicable for removing hair from all sensitive zones, such as breast, bikini, and face. This is not so painful and you can do it without the fear of infections.

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